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Welcome to Bilit Rainforest Lodge.

Bilit Rainforest Lodge offers the best rainforest experience by being a world-leading eco-lodge in the tropical region. Built largely from local-hardwood material, the lodge is designed to allow visitors experience the best of the unique local nature. Amidst the enfolding wildlife of flora and fauna, the lodge most importantly provides visitors a clean, safe and lovely environment to make your stay here a remarkable one.

Situated on the hilltop (300 metres above sea level) above Tanah Merah, south of Sandakan town centre, the temple was built in 1987 at a cost of about Malaysian Ringgit 7 million. From here, you can catch a breathtaking panoramic view of Sandakan Bay. The extravagantly ornate temple is a blaze of red and gold, with writhing dragons, gold-gilded Buddhas, hundreds of gleaming lamps and fragrance of burning incense. Many devotees from around the world come to Puh Jih Syh Temple regularly to offer their prayers and have their names written on the lamps on the pillars for protection. It is said that the temple protects and brings good health and wealth to Sandakan and its people.